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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shhhhhhhhhh…. it’s a **th birthday



My bestie had a milestone birthday this week so of course  I had to make a special card.

However, I was NOT allowed to add any numbers or make references to free bus travel……even though I did point out to her that the top left hand corner was crying out for two big glittery numbers…………………….In the end though as I do treasure our friendship I decided to comply.

She does however love sunflowers, so this is the card I was making them for the other week. It’s a box card, and there on the LHS I added a pocket to put her present, vouchers for afternoon tea and a theatre and dinner trip. 


Now, I am pretty sure I saw a similar card some time ago around the internet, which is why the idea was in my head and I do like to acknowledge it when I CASE someone else’s project. However couldn’t remember where it was from, and a google image search of handmade cards with sunflowers and fence just served to show that it probably isn’t that original an idea and so if you are one of the many consider yourself duly acknowledged please!!

That’s all for today, hope yours is full of sunshine!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Vintage journey… A little Touch of Tim

Found a new to me challenge-that-I-will-probably-never-have-time-to-enter-again at A Vintage Journey. I don’t quite where I’ve been lately to miss this one as I follow most of the DTs blogs already. However the current challenge is to keep it small, and create an ATC in the style of Tim Holtz. As a first time entrant (and there’s only a week to go in this challenge) I thought I would also keep it as simple as possible, using the following techniques I associate with a Tim Holtz style.

IMG_1418[1] - distress background created with stains and water

- inking through stencils to create layers/depth

- background stamping with distress ink (ditto above)

- Stamped sentiment/quote using black archival

- shabby flowers (tiny ones!!), grungeboard leaves highlighted with distress stickles

- distressed edges

On this occasion everything I used bar the background card, masks  and string was a TH product although that isn’t essential.

Here’s another similar one.




I often work in two’s or three’s so I can see what effect anything I do is going to have and maybe change my mind for the finished piece. I’m a bit out of practice with ATCs (it’s quite a small space!!) and think I could have placed my elements a bit better but not too shabby overall. Shame the cost of posting has strangled ATC swapping they are a nice way to play.

It was good to get a bit inky… now what to do next…….

Monday, 25 August 2014

BLOG HOP ALERT!! The Creative Blog Hop

I have been asked by Elizabeth from the silver scrapper’s craft space  to participate in the Creative Blog Hop. The hop includes all sorts of creative bloggers and takes place on Mondays. Elizabeth is a long time crafter, scrapper and family historian who has successfully tried out many different techniques and media and we have ‘known’ each other a while now.

But basically this post is ALL ABOUT ME. Oh and I’m going to send you on a little journey to visit some other truly awesome peeps at the end. (That’s probably going to be the best bit).

I gave Elizabeth a bio, so if you haven’t come from there you might want to pop back there and read it. If you have clicked through then you’ll have skimmed it already so I won’t bore you with it again.

NEXT I’ve been asked to answer a few questions (truly I’m not sure I understand all of them) – I’ll try not to be too longwinded!……and I’ll put some pictures in because they do say a picture paints a 1,000 words (and I know you’ll never read a thousand words)

1. What am I working on now?

What, right this minute? Here you go.


Any or all of the above. No idea what the result will be though.Phew that was easy.

(Actually right this minute I’m off to craft with my mum and will probably take some decoupage to cut out as it’s mindless and portable but that’s not a very exciting picture).

2.How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Genre? Me? Well mainly cards, MM and papercrafting and honestly I don’t think I’m different to anyone else – but I do like to try different things. Sometimes they work. (Sometimes they are just OK).

IMG_8222 IMG_0508 Deirdre

3. Why do I create what I do? IMG_0577

- It’s an itch that needs to be scratched.

- It keeps me sane, balanced and fulfilled.

- It keeps me curious. And my mind and hands occupied.

- I like to glue stuff together.

(And there is so much stash in this room I can’t stop now!!)


Flame Haired girl  IMG_7482 Heidi's 50th

4.How does my creative process work?

(Mmmmm. You mean there is a process? No one told me!!)

OK. Seriously, lots of ways, all of them instinctive rather than rational. I have always said I have good technical abilities - I can copy a ‘thing’, make a ‘thing’, do a ‘style’ but I’m not so sure I have one of my own or that I have a really good imagination. I don’t think I could create a new ‘look’. I look a lot at real artists (ie everyone else) and watch endless demos trying to work out what it is I like about a piece. If I can do something similar I am happy and I love it if I feel I have created something worth looking at, touching, or giving to someone special. 

-  I like techniques. If some effect gets my interest piqued, I want to work out how to do it, whether it’s how to make a flat swirly rose (epic fail), using the melt pot to make waxed flowers (almost another epic fail) or doing a successful image transfer the hard way. (Epic!!)

-  Sometimes I just like messing about with paint and ink and seeing what happens.

house tags 2 snailboy Goddess4

Now the final part of this blog hop is to ‘tag’ three other creative bloggers. I have been woefully unsuccessful in finding anyone with time to commit to this but I didn’t want to let down my tagger Elizabeth by withdrawing. So I have had a trawl back through the blog hop (really worth doing!) and I am going to re-link three peeps who have already taken part – I can’t keep the thing moving exponentially but I can keep it in a loop and hopefully encourage some more visitors to their blogs. Here are my 3 suggestions, but really it was very hard to choose.

- Julie Harrison of little woollie – as the name suggests a yarn enthusiast.I  have linked to her creative Blog hop post back in June but please don’t stop there! I know you will love it if you take time to have a look around.

- Julie Kirk of notes on paper a talented, funny, sassy young lady who says she does her best crafting when “I'm happy, comfortable, awake ... and wearing something with an elasticated waistband.” Truly a girl after my own heart.

- Deena of A Creative Need a creative card maker and digital artist and designer with a fresh unique style.

Thanks for staying with me through this, it’s a bit of a marathon!  I’d love it if you would leave a message to say ‘hi’. Every month I run a giveaway and inflict some of my old tat on an unsuspecting victim. This month it’s a box thing. So as an incentive I’ll add anyone who leaves a comment here to the draw to win it.

(Whether they want me to or not. That’ll show up who reads to the end).

That’s all folks.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nature Swap

This month I took part in a Nature themed Swap in a facebook group that I belong to. I decided I really had to use those Tim Holtz Stamps and Dies (French Flight) and I also had a rather sweet MDF butterfly base in my stash.

After painting the edges I added some blue patterned paper from my stash and then did various bits of nature themed stamping. The butterflies I stamped and embossed with white embossing powder. A large flower (yep, you guessed it, Arianna blooms again) also embossed in white which I think made a rather stunning flower. I think the recipient liked it, I have to make one for myself now!!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What’s on Your Work Desk? Wednesday #272 my opinion!Morning deskers!! (Click on the button for more WOYWW info)





Tight desk shots today and honestly I am still pretty tidy after clearing up on Sunday. This week I am mainly working on UFOs (see previous post). These ‘frames’ were the waste from something else. Couldn't bear to throw them away but fed up moving them round the desk so thought I’d use them on a card.

In true BP fashion - Here are some I did last night LOL.



And on the other desk, a card to be finished – no idea where that guitar topper came from it was in a folder of vintage images. Still it’s another male card for the MM Open Day, took 2 mins!! Someday soon I am going to ink that rubber – yep that stamp set has been loitering for nearly a year. And I really really am going to have done something with those flowers by the end of the day…… Promise.

Am on a mission to get my UFO’s sorted because I want to get on and  do something different – not sure what yet but it certainly won’t be a card!!

And dear deskers, if you’ve got a min, pop on over to my Monthly Art Draw post for August and join in. Been getting so few entries am thinking I will wind it up after the Tim Holtz Tag set next January if take up doesn’t improve.  There’s no catch, it’s free and anyone can join in. I can’t believe no one likes receiving objet d’art mail, even if it is just my old tat!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Actually I usually call them WIPS (Works in Progress) but UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) is a little funnier. I’ve got a zillion of ‘em. Wanting to do ‘art’ on Sunday (it was cold in the garden) but not having much mojo I tidied my craft room then sat down to tackle a few.

Probably wasn’t the best idea…….

IMG_1400[1]This  tag has been sitting around for months. I had been trying to use up some old vellum stickers over a stencilled background. It looked OK but I didn’t really have a feel for where it was going. The Gorjuss stamps were out for another project so I stamped and coloured one and added some flowers (also old stash I’m trying to use up). Feel a bit blah about this one but at least it’s finished and can go in my ‘giftable tags’ box rather than the bin. (If you ever see anything you like do shout, it’s getting a bit full as you can see. And yes I am that sad). 












This tag just needed a string. It features possibly the most pointless die purchase ever. It’s from Tonic and I really liked it when I saw it at a show, now I can’t decide what to do with it and I’ve ever only used it this once.

Possibly just my lack of imagination.


A third tag for the box. This one was a Timmy Tag variation I think, and also just needed a string. It looked a bit flat so I stuck a word on it as well. And glossed it. Blah.







Really fed up with moving this MM piece about. It started off with an image transfer that didn’t quite come off but was interesting enough to keep. The rose covering up the bits of the transfer that didn’t work is from a set of weird laser cut shapes I have (they smell funny and are very odd paper) which I had coloured, then clear embossed. Butterflies - just some die cuts I had. I added some gilding flakes and a transfer. Still  not happy. Stuck another flower on. Decided to add a word or two – ‘embrace imperfection’ caught my eye and made me laugh. Ironically. Even they wouldn’t stick on in the place where I wanted them to go. Still, done now, no more faffing or I’ll start regretting that second flower.

That’s it for now, but on a mission to clean up more of these UFOs (yep – giggled again)….. more to follow!!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

More Vintage (and flowers) from me…

Another birthday card for a friend. This one was actually my first attempt at using the Arianna Blooms die. So pretty. Please get used to it, I think I will be playing with this set for a while.


I decided to go for a different shape with this rocker style card and rather than an image just added a bit of text on the central topper – I think the flowers do most of the work actually. The butterfly is from my other fave new set. More to come!!!

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