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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 360


Well how these Wednesdays fly.

Morning deskers! Here is my desk this week.

I had a bit of a ‘Craftwork Card’ flurry yesterday, using  up some of my kits. A drop in the ocean really. We have a Spring Fair to attend on Saturday and then an allotment sale so have been looking at some garden/spring themed stuff to add to stock.

The card at the front (right) of the desk is for my friend and co stal- holder who has a birthday today. My inspired (not) birthday gift is some candles and an adhesive pick up square. I left it in prominent position last night so I wouldn’t forget at the last minute (which I am inclined to do). The die is a bargain I snagged last week for £3.49 but I haven’t used it yet. Not much else to say really, will be tidying and WOYWING till lunch, then off to aquafit and possibly over to mums.

Oh and I will be doing a page of 9 ATCs, so will have 8 extra to swap on the big day.

Just saying. Not inferring in any way that I have done them yet!! Hope you all have a lovely day.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #359

Quickie from me today, need to get on.


I had to do something paris themed this week so as I have got all the bits out I’ve stuck with it. Using mache shapes & MDF – hearts – ‘Mme Peyraud’ papers, and that lovely butterfly and moth stamp set from Mr Holtz. Also got my ‘frantage’ EPs out. Forgotten how much I love those. And that kraft waste where I die cut hearts mmm, must be able to do something with that!!

IMG_2091 (Edited)Well think that’s me set for today, though I’m guessing I should be thinking about the ATC swap – still haven’t done what I intended to do with the ATCs from last year. Ooops, time sure does fly.

Now we’ve had a tidy up the garden view is looking really nice in the Spring sunshine. (Alhough I can still see that horrible garage door my neighbours put up as their rear boundary – OH has a plan but he’ll probably be retired before he ever does it)

Wondering why I am telling you this? Click here and all will be revealed.

Happy Wednesday folks.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - # 358

Morning Deskers. Such a boring desk today I nearly didn’t bother, but I’m home. IMG_2087
Plenty of things on here I am supposed to be moving forward with but nothing actually happenning. I don’t know if  you can see those 6 x 6 square die cuts front centre left leaning on the glass mat. These are die cuts I bought online using the tattered lace melded dies. I particularly wanted the church, village one. I really want the die but it’s so expensive I find sometimes this is a better way to go. Well, must try to get something crafty done today, but since I’ve been involved with setting up craft fairs I seem to have far too much admin taking up my time and not enough time getting inky. Admin doesn’t really make for a nice photo opportunity does it? Anyhow my friends, will endeavour to visit a few of you today to see what you are up to. Am also trying to get fit but feeling fed up, hardly eaten anything the last few days and still put on 3 lbs. I must have a completely non-existent metabolism because I have been active. Obviously not enough. Probably staring at that view.
Wondering what WOYWW is? Click here. Happy Wednesday folks.

ADDENDUM:  Please please don't misconstrue my comments!! I am NOT crash dieting! I just don't eat much and some days it seems grossly unfair I should still be piling on weight!!  I don't eat much because I don't get that hungry. Sorry if I worried you all!! (And the last time I weighed myself was two weeks ago). 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WOYWW - What’s On Your Workdesk, Wednesday #356

Morning Woywwers! Me again. Seems like there is always a reason for not joining in but I’m gonna try today because I really miss feeling part of this lovely community.

My desk is here, with an array of little watering can shaped cards. The little castle card is a commission and the pile of cards – well…….


I was challenged at the weekend to make 20 cards over the long weekend and despite some gardening, DS’s 22nd birthday celebrations and a big family lunch on Sunday I made my quota by the skin of my teeth (and by the time honoured technique of doing the same thing again and again and shameless plagiarising on Pinterest).

Putting everything in cello bags, photographing them and pricing up those that are going for sale is another matter however and took me most of Tuesday evening when I finally got in the craft room (sorry OH, I know I said I was coming back down ‘in a minute….’).For anyone who has the time, here’s a few individual photos of the ones in the pile.





Today I am mainly going to be thinking about making a card with a trumpet on it. Mmmmm.

Wondering what WOYWW is? Popover HERE to find out.

Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What’s On Your Wokdesk? Wednesday, #350

Good Day deskers! Late to my desk today, been busy being a domestic goddess this morning.


  Well, points of interest. Buckets at the back going to become flower popped buckets for Mother’s Day. Some very old stamps – I was searching for a stylised rose stamp. Nope, don’t have one would you believe it? Been making cards using some new card blanks from Whichcraft – recessed tent cards with frames. They are so easy peasy and really pretty. And they fold flat, if a little thick so probably a large stamp.

Here’sa couple I made earlier.


The little cardboard box in danger of falling off the table topish left is one of my WIP boxes. Mmmm. Best not go there.

Bottom right, lush papers from Craftwork Cards.

Craft Fair on Saturday, so busy doing Mother’s Day bits for that, but hope to get round a few of you today.

Why? Go here to find out!!

Happy Hopping!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Waxing Lyrical…..(and waning rapidly…)

Yes, I am going to witter on a bit today. First, thank you for your lovely comments in response to my  rather throwaway post about stopping blogging yesterday – see, you have inspired me!! IMG_1980_thumb14

I had a lovely day Sunday, pottering about at home and spent quite a while in my craft room. Last night, quite late cos I’m a bit of a night owl, waiting for the kettle to boil to fill my hot water bottle (I do like to be snug in bed), my eye fell on a few pieces of paperwork that hadn’t been dealt with and which, it occurred to me, were now in dire need of attention. So I thought I’d write myself a note as a timely reminder. By the time the water was hot, I had written myself this missive. (I particularly like the way it started out all orderly. The additions over to the right indicate varying degrees of urgency along the lines of doesn’t have to be done tomorrow but how come I keep forgetting to do them mustn’t let another week slip by). By the time I got to bed I had thought of at least another 4 things that should be on the list. Heaven help me, how depressing is it to wake up to such a lot of things to get done. (How did I ever find time to work?)


So there goes my plan for another day of pottering. Or maybe not. I can already cross one thing off my list as I added the photos to this little squash book I made last night first thing this morning. I had to do it quickly because I have been asked to run a scrapping make and take and the deadline for advertising is tomorrow. Thought this might be a relatively easy project. If anyone is even remotely interested.

(If you cut it, they will come).

But I am now ready to go so I have done my bit and the delivery is much less fraught than thinking what to do.  Feeling pretty chuffed and fired up – quite a good way to start my Monday I feel.




Right off to have a cuppa, breakfast, shower and get dressed.

What? Yes, I am at the pc in my PJs. It’s only 9.30 for goodness sake, how much do you expect me to get done in a day?

(Addendum: Well actually it’s 10.45 now. Decided today was the day to sort out why Livewriter wasn’t working. Took me an hour that would probably have  been more usefully aimed at sorting out some of the paperwork on that list and now I’m not sure the new version is as easy to use as the old one. Still, I’m up and running, but still in PJs!!)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

To Blog or not to blog........

Oh gosh, I have really not been very active lately have I? Even wondering if I should stop blogging altogether.... I'm not sure if it's all part and parcel of this 'retirement' mentality and lack of routine (haven't quite made up my mind yet but my pension companies seem quite insistent that I have retired and who am I to argue?). Really haven't got in the groove lately but think I have not been quite in the right place, mentally or physically since Christmas. But am slowly feeling better, and January/Feb is always a bleak time for me, I need the sun, and the light to fuction and am looking forward to the rapid approach of Spring.

So, its February already and I'm feeling the need to dust off the cobwebs and get things back on track. Will it last? I hope so!! But to get us started here's a pic of a little wreath I made just because I wanted to. I had lots more pressing things to do this week but this is what I felt like doing.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

And some pictures from my garden (yes, I have even ventured outdoors just for the pleasure of it ................)

Bring on Springtime!

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